PI Media was founded in 2013 with the goal to help build a strong community of podcast listeners in Israel with high-quality content in a variety of popular and niche subjects. Since then we have established ourselves as key players in Israel’s podcast industry with a network of over a dozen popular shows for Hebrew and English speaking listeners. In recent years we have successfully branched out providing our services producing branded podcasts, customized audio-content for commercial entities in Israel and the United States.

With Family Sounds we aim to preserving your history by creating the stories you want to hear. We strive to perfect the art of storytelling with high-quality audio productions that engage listeners, educate, and maintain a lasting impact.   


Our team has extensive experience crafting stories for public broadcasting through radio and podcasts. Today, we use our expertise to help tell family stories that preserve legacies. Each production is customized to create an engaging audio documentary that can be shared with family and friends for generations to come


Our Team


Dani Timor, CEO


Dani has had a long, successful career working in management for technology companies. In 2012, he left everything behind to start PI Media with Ran. Family Sounds was born out Dani’s realization that our talented production team had a lot to offer people who wish to preserve oral histories.


Ran Levi, Executive Producer & Host


Ran is a professional storyteller who has written four books, countless articles, and achieved widespread recognition for his popular audio productions. Ran is also the executive producer of PI Media, which broadcasts numerous podcasts including ‘Making History’ and ‘Curious Minds’.


Sarah Wachtel, Community Manager



Nate Nelson, Producer & Editor


Sarah joined us right after graduating with a degree in Communications & Management. Her combined passion for people’s stories, history & audio content make her an especially enthusiastic & dedicated member of our staff!

Nate is a trained writer, graduated from New York University with a specialized degree and thesis crossing epistemology and art theory. A background in independent filmmaking and ghostwriting are unique ingredients he brings to crafting individuals’ life stories.

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